Kyle and Lisa had their wedding at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond. Now if you’ve never been inside the church, it is absolutely HUGE! Haha once I arrived it was clear that Lisa is the queen of crafting. All the details she put into her decor was jaw-dropping. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people, but for now I’ll just live vicariously through brides like her! It was a very laid back morning and they decided to do a first look with each other. Theirs was so adorable. At the end of it, Kyle was wiping away tears from seeing his beautiful bride! You really can’t ask for much better of a reaction than that.
Their ceremony was short and sweet and the officiant great at making everyone laugh. They danced into their reception where tons of loved ones were there to celebrate! I loved the cakes and especially the fact that the mother of the bride made them…definitely take a look farther down the page! It was a bit misty outside but they had a great time exiting to bubbles blown by friends and family. They left in early afternoon to go on a beautiful honeymoon to Hawaii! They’ll have  been married a year next month and I wish them nothing but God’s blessings and happiness for years to come.
PS. Everyone PLEASE check out the adorable flash of pink in the tulle under her dress!